Friday, September 23, 2005

We have a winner!

Head Cases is cancelled.

I dare say this was expected. So, any guesses as to who goes next? My money is on "Just Legal".


naugehyde said...

haven't seen the ratings but i am rooting for Bones to be crushed, Reunion to be poorly attended and Surface to go under.

Bones is garbage. i swear i've seen the opening scene (girl bears her breasts to get guy behind the counter's attention) a dozen times before. everything is else is forced, cliched and preposterous.

Reunion is utter dreck. daytime soap operas, mexican fotonovellas, teacher written school plays, have more realistic dialog and characters.

Surface, while not bad at all, is simply the worst of the bunch. Invasion has creepy body snatcher potential and Threshold's opening hour was outstanding. I just kind of hope Surface doesn't interfere with the popularity and hopes of the other two.

Warren said...

Well, that makes me feel a little better about not getting the writer's assistant position on Head Cases when I applied awhile back. I guess it wouldn't have been my big break after all!