Saturday, September 10, 2005

Film Friday for August

Yup, it's that time again. End of the month. Let's see what remakes, sequels and TV adaptations Hollywood has in store for us.

  • Matt Helm - Once a spoofy film series with Dean Martin, set to be remade as a more serious film this time around.
  • Rififi - Remake of the French film with (Hoo-hah) Al Pacino.
  • Old School 2 - Because we need more naked Will Ferrell.
  • How to Tell He's Not the One in 10 Days - Apparently this is a sequel to How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. They both have long titles, so it must be.
  • Battle of the Network Stars - I think this is one of the signs of the Apocalypse.
  • Casino Royale - I've reported on this one before, but they really truly are going to make it (honest!) Paul Haggis is going to rewrite it. So I'd expect it to be less campy. Just a hunch.
I'm impressed, Hollywood! This is a very short list. Of course, I'm sure that there's more creative bankruptcy waiting around the corner. That should help you sleep at night, I'm sure.


Bill Cunningham said...

Matt Helm was the swingiest swinger spy of the sixties and seventies. They used to show those on the CBS Late Movie.

It's Rififi not Riffi - a crime caper movie. Great stuff.

Casino Royale was one of the better Bond books. I look forward to seeing a serious Bond.

So much for all things "Pulp".

The Moviequill said...

Shawna, do you subscribe to Creative Screewnriting? I was just wondering if anyone got theirs in the mail yet..when I see it on the newstands and not my mailbox I get a bit miffed

Shawna said...

Dang it Bill! You caught my mangled spelling. I was typing too fast (per usual). Now fixed.

MQ, Nope, haven't gotten my issue yet either.

kristen said...

they HAVE to change the title to that "how to lose a guy" sequel. god, that's awkward.

Bill Cunningham said...

Why make a sequel to "How to Lose..." didn't it go "gobble - gobble" at the box office and DVD?

Cinque said...

"How To Lose a Guy.." did over $100m. They're going to try to milk it for some more, which is understandable.

kristen said...

If I were the exec in charge, I'd change the title of that movie to "Ten Days Later..."

That way you get the zombie fans too, by mistake.