Thursday, October 20, 2005

'Invasion' gets its pick-up from ABC

The Hollywood Reporter has the story. Watch List updated AGAIN.

So far, a lot of shows have been picked up for a full season. This by no means guarantees them another season, but for now, it's a positive development. Invasion will probably end up moving so Lost can be better utilized as a lead-in to some other show (Invasion has lost about 45% of its lead-in's viewers, never a good thing). However, I'd say things stay as they are past sweeps and maybe even until the new year.


CharlieDontSurf said...

Invasion sucks.

Shawna said...

Ah, 'tis true, but the ratings have levelled out to "acceptable" numbers. Meaning, if a midseason can come in and retain better than Invasion, it goes bye-bye.

Felix said...

Invasion is boring. I gave it a fair chance... nothing can save a show from bad actors AND bad writing. meh. yawn.

Anonymous said...

That show basically sucks a waste of time and energy, they should just get to the point and stop wasting air time, bring Extreme Makeover Back!