Thursday, October 20, 2005

A look ahead to midseason

So, I've already said that I don't think we've seen THE one new 1-hour drama to spec this year. If we haven't seen it yet, will we see it in midseason? Let's take a look at what the networks have already announced we'll see come January (or sooner/later depending on scheduling and events):

One Hour Dramas:

  • What About Brian? (ABC) This show from J.J. Abrahms will air on Monday nights after football ends at 10 PM.
  • In Justice (ABC) A drama about an ethically challenged lawyer and a cop out to get justice for those wrongly accused of crimes.
  • The Evidence (ABC) Apparently the audience will see all of the evidence in a case presented at the top of the hour and then we'll see how that evidence works into the case. I'm still not clear on this one, but it sounds like at least they're trying something different with a procedural.
  • The Unit (CBS) This is the one to keep an eye on. It is brought to us by David Mamet and The Shield creator Shawn Ryan. The show is about a special ops group and their families.
  • Book of Daniel (NBC) Aidan Quinn plays a minister. NBC doesn't have anything on their website about it and I didn't feel like googling around for more info. ** Update wouldn't you know it, 10 minutes after I post this, I see an article that NBC has cut the midseason order from 13 episodes to the pilot plus 7. Not sure what that means (is NBC going to reup E-Ring?)
  • Windfall (NBC) If done correctly, this is the show I think NBC will have some success with this year. It's about 20 people who win the lottery. Naturally, tons of spec ideas come to mind with it too...
  • South Beach (UPN) I have no idea of this show will be any good. It sounds like an O.C. ripoff, but then, what do I know.
  • The Bedford Diaries (WB) I think this is supposed to get the Felicity crowd. It's a drama set in college. That's all I know. Oh and something about the characters all being in a human sexuality class. Uh, ok, whatever.
  • Pepper Dennis (WB) Rebecca Romijn plays the title character who is a Chicago based reporter. Reading the notes on it, sounds like someone has watched Broadcast News a few times.
24 will also return at midseason. I'll cover the midseason 1/2 hour comedies next time with the returning sitcoms and reality shows.

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Chad said...

All I know is PEPPER DENNIS. I did the pilot - and it was the most fun I've ever had working on a show in 14 years of extras casting. The script is fun, and she is actually REALLY great. There was a scene on a helicoptor pad where I laughed so hard I literally came close to peeing in my pants.

It's WB. They need her pretty face on the side of the wall on Olive.

The characters are fun and you like them. That's what I loved about it. I really hope the show does well. And I want Aaron and Gretchen (the writer/ producers) to have a hit.

EMILY'S REASONS WHY NOT - just didn't do it for me. Heather Graham is Heather Graham. It's SEX IN THE CITY lite. But I did love the actress (whose name escapes me... she was on NED & STACY) as her best friend.

WINDFALL - DOA. I said it. I did the original pilot. It's going to be the next HEAD CASES. Not even hottie Jason Gedrick (who apparently discovered Crunch) can save this show. Unless they actually gave us a character you like. Imagine MELROSE PLACE with no one interesting.