Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The monthly blogroll adds

It's that time again...adding to the blogroll, and man have you guys been busy! I can hardly keep up with all the new screenwriting blogs out there.

This is a pretty big add month, but I know there are still others out there I haven't visited. I'm certainly not going to be the 'one stop shop' for all screenwriting blogs, but I may need to do some reorganizing someday...

Okay, so who's added this month?

First, is our good friend 'Master Shake' and his blog You're Entering a World of Pain. I like him because he thinks I'll be a paid writer soon. I can only hope. He's also very funny and as obsessed with Lost as I am.

Next up, a nice Australian boy, Xander, and his blog Chained to the Keyboard. He actually gets paid to write, so you might want to check him out.

Up until yesterday The Wry Writer linked to me. I don't know why she killed the link, but I like her blog anyway, so go check it out.

I'm fond of Webs, so check out his blog.

Since Shecanfilmit is also a former tech worker, I feel a strong affinity, what with being a current sorta tech worker.

I'm finally getting around to linking Assistant/Atlas. He is must reading.

Longtime reader/linker/blogger Splinster finally gets to the blogroll. Sorry for the delay!

I thought I had already added Screamwriter but apparently not.

Billy Mernit has a blog and teaches screenwriting at UCLA (and has written a book on writing romcoms)! Hopefully I'll be able to take one of his classes one of these days...

That's it this month. If you'd like a link and you have a blog (and you intend to update it regularly), drop me a line. I usually do my blogroll adds once a month, near the end of each month, so if you don't get added right away, look for one of these updates.

Thanks everybody for the linking love and keep blogging and (most importantly) KEEP WRITING!!


David Anaxagoras said...

Funny about your link on Wry Writer. I just noticed that a link of my own got bumped off someone's blog -- and it's one of those long, long blogrolls that includes everyone...but me. Maybe it's payback because I'm so stingy with my links. Maybe they just figure when you are at the top of your blogging game like we are, we don't need the links ;)

mernitman said...

Hey Shawna -- thanks so much for talking up Living the Romantic Comedy -- and for introducing me to your blog, which I'm starting to read with interest...

Moses said...

Thanks for the links Shawna. Always enjoy reading the screenwriting sites, more the merrier I say.

writebrother said...

I just started my own screenwriting related blog recently at

I have you linked on my site already, even though you're a conservative.

Take care.

Xander Bennett said...

Hey Shawna, thanks very much for the link.

I really enjoy your blog. Mostly I like hearing about all these US shows that I can't watch yet :) Helps me feel up-to-date.

Maura said...

Thanks for the link Shawna! :)

screamwriter said...

Thanks for the link!