Friday, October 14, 2005

Reminder: Scriptapalooza TV deadline tomorrow

I may go ahead and enter my 'House' spec...even though I'm in the midst of rewrites. Why not, right?


Travis said...

I say you should submit it if it's closer to a final draft than a first draft. Good luck! I won first place for a 1 hour show from Scriptapalooza TV in the spring contest and it's definitely nice to win $500.

CharlieDontSurf said...

Are you the Travis who put up your outline,script etc online?

Travis said...

I did let my friend place it on his website when he asked, yes.

CharlieDontSurf said...

Cool thanks for doing was very interesting to see your process.

Did you get a lot of feedback after winning 1st place.

m said...

Can you throw up a link, I'd like to take a look.

I just threw a Veronica Mars at Scriptapalooza yesterday. See how it goes.

Travis said...

You don't get any feedback when you win, or at least I didn't. (I never asked for any.) Mostly what you get is $500, plus the right to say you're a Scriptapalooza winner. Winners can also have their scripts sent to twenty or so agents, managers, etc.

And my friend placed my script at . I didn't really care what my friend did with my script online but it ended up getting me several job leads, meetings, etc., which is more than I expected since I can't live in L.A. right now.

CharlieDontSurf said...

Actually I should have said attention instead of feedback...wasn't refering to coverage or anything.
More like did you get any work, meetings, agent, etc just based of winning 1st place.

Did you apply the same script to CBS,ABC,or Warner Brothers fellowships/workshops?

Travis said...

Scriptapalooza was the only contest I've ever entered, and since it was my first time, I expected to maybe be a semifinalist or something. When I learned I won, I was very happy for a few minutes -- and then I kicked myself for not entering the script into other competitions. And I kicked myself a second time for not having any interest in writing for films, as the Scriptapalooza film contest pays so much more.

The Scriptapalooza stuff hasn't directly led to anything; I assume that even people who liked my script would see from my contact info that I'm not living in L.A., and wouldn't contact me, so it's not as though I expected huge results.

Tim Clague said...

Make sure its right - the best you can make it. I bumped into a guy at Cannes who generally talked down all script competitions. His view was - if its a good X script why not just send it to whoever makes X. This seemed a bit to easy an answer for me. But then I'm more of a film writer than a TV writer. All the best anyway!

Tim Clague
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Kira said...

Go for it, Shawna, and good luck!

I won 3rd place last year for my CSI script, and my BUFFY spec was a quarterfinalist some time back. Sadly, the latter is long past its sell-by date as a writing sample. Maybe I'll post it sometime.