Friday, October 14, 2005

Weekend homework assignment

Okay TV spec writers: for those of you in my boat wanting to write a kick-ass TV spec, here's your homework for the weekend:

Pick ONE of the new TV shows (which has not been cancelled) that you feel is going to be THE show to spec come January.

Feel free to post your show choice and justification below. On Monday, I'll tell you what I think, based on watching the fall season AND what I think the 'hot trend' next year will be (this year is supernatural/spooky/alien, the year before was reality...what will next year bring??)

Oh and write, by God, write!!


Natasha said...

For comedy I guess this is easy.
My name is Earl, Everybody hates Chris. I am hoping it doesn't make the specs I have obsolete!

naugehyde said...

Strangely for a year when the hour long drama should be king, it looks like comedy rules. MNIE (too early for acronyming?), Everybody hates Chris are awesome shows and ripe for spec'ing but I doubt either one will have the cache as a spec that Arrested Dev or Scrubs had. How I Met Everyone Except Your Mother because That Would End The Show, and War At Home are decent 3 camera shows but nothing special. Still for anyone still reading 3 camera specs, they'll be a welcome change from the flood of KOQs, ATJ etc.

The hot comedy spec? Weeds. Interesting show with a unique voice AND most importantly, room for improvement. Not a top tenner but a great second spec or a great intro look what I can do spec.

Drama. What a disappointing new crap. Sorry, crop. The best of the bunch, Prison Break is very nearly unspec'able but the same was said of 24 and Lost and somehow those specs got written. I know it was a late season pickup but Gray's Anatomy is terrific stuff and a challenge to capture. Show runners and agents will be impressed with a good GA. If Threshold lives up to it's pilot episode (so far, no) it'll be the go to spec for the Alien weird things going on spec. I still don't see any reason to watch Bones so I have no idea why anyone with half a brain would want to read a Bones spec. Criminal Minds is at least a little bit interesting but again I doubt you'll see producers clamoring to read one. Ghost Whisperer which exists only to prove your mettle as a Medium staffer might see some interest though probably not much. Rome, a great show, is too idiosyncratic and dense to tackle (Deadwood again) but like Deadwood if you capture the show, you're obviously a terrific writer and an agent or Show Runner might ask to see your take on a top ten show. So for the new crop of drama shows, I predict there will be no hot spec. Once again the hot spec will be the original pilot.

So say we all.

CharlieDontSurf said...

My Name is Earl for sitcoms.
Criminal Minds for procedural dramas.
Rescue Me for character dramas.

My work here is done.

CharlieDontSurf said...

I'd never spec a show from one watchs Showtime.

John Donald Carlucci said...

I can't argue with Master Shake's choices, but I'm not a fan of Criminal Minds.

I would hope that Surface or Supernatural might be spec worthy shows in the next year. Threshold won't hold since I find it rather dull. Supernatural still has is an easy spec with its one-off story style (with a larger story arc in the background).

There is always the possibility that The Closer or NCIS could get a little more cred in the next year.



CharlieDontSurf said...

Highly doubt either Surface or Supernatural are going to be hot specs given that hardly anyone watchs them.

Criminal Minds is only possible cuz people are so sick of reading CSI,L&O etc. If it had a different time slot it would get much better ratings.

Earl only because its gotten so much press and attention.

Rescue Me because it was the best character based show of this season.

naugehyde said...

Oh yeah. Re: "the hot trend" for next year, I don't know what the next hot genre will be but I think next year we will start to see closed end series like the BBC does so well. These closed end series will be designed for a DVD and not a syndication afterlife.

Also, assuming next year's hot trend is based on this year's successes is there anything new this year worth copying?

CharlieDontSurf said...

Nope. There is no huge breakout hit in any genre for this year...thus I predict a huge order of comedy pilots for next year. There is to huge a glut of hit dramas right now.

Shawn said...

Commander In Chief will probably be the next West Wing.