Monday, October 03, 2005

'Sex, Lies, and Secrets' just not enough anymore.

Lee Goldberg has the goods on the latest cancellation (reported in Variety today). It only aired once, but that was all it took to validate that there is not a huge audience for a show about Denise Richards living in Silver Lake (and non-L.A. residents, say, 'What the heck is Silver Lake??')

It looks like 'Inconceivable' and 'Killer Instinct' could be next to hit the dirt nap.

In other news, NBC has decided to swap 'E-Ring' and 'The Apprentice: Martha Stewart' in their time slots, forcing Martha to consider ways to draw people away from 'Lost'. Maybe she can offer every viewer a free doily.


Scott the Reader said...

Thank goodness. Now I'm forced to break my Martha addiction.

The Moviequill said...

I want to tell Martha to GET Lost