Tuesday, October 04, 2005

TV news today

At some point, the news on the fall season will die down (when most of the new shows have their fates decided) but for now, I bring you what I can find to help everyone looking for that perfect show to spec...provided it lives on to see another season.

Today it looks like "Inconceivable" will not be one of those shows. NBC is pulling it from its time slot this week and will show a repeat of "Law and Order: Criminal Intent". The show has aired twice. (News in Variety).

ABC, showing that the comedy department is not as smart as the drama department has actually given 'American Idol' loser Constantie Maroulis a sitcom deal. Only in America can a loser be a winner.

Apparently it was reported last week that "Kitchen Confidential" was cancelled. This is not true, REPEAT, NOT TRUE. It will go on hiatus during baseball, but my future boyfriend Michael Vartan will be on an upcoming episode. Yummy!

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The Moviequill said...

Inconceivable? Is that the one with the delicious Angie Harmon returning to NBC? I didn't even get a chance to check her out