Wednesday, October 12, 2005

The next wave

Steve Jobs announced the release of the Video iPod today. There will be 2 versions, one that holds 30 GB and one which holds 60 GB retailing for $299 and $399 respectively.

He also announced a deal with ABC which will put new episodes of shows like 'Lost' and 'Desperate Housewives' on the site, commercial free, the day after they air for $1.99 each.

This is huge. TV, films, straight to iPod video even? The options for content are getting larger, not smaller. And it's a real win for shows that don't get huge Nielsens, but have rabid fan support.

Will this cut in to DVD sales? Maybe some, but what they make on selling the episodes online should make up for some of it. To get the iPod video users to buy DVD sets it will be more important than ever to stuff the discs with special features, never seen video, etc to get people to buy.

The media world is changing right in front of our eyes...blogs, podcasting,'s all changing.

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