Monday, October 17, 2005

Success does happen and LFF

Okay, I know most of you reading this are not of the same political persuasion as I am, but put that aside for a moment. I want to point you to a post on Libertas, the blog of the Liberty Film Festival (this weekend in L.A.) One of the site contributors has just gotten a deal with a veteran producer and is now getting his film made. He has a great story and a very important message that relates to my mantra here at SITW (It's all about networking). I highly recommend you check it out and if you have time to take in any of the events of this weekend's festival, it is a chance to see some independent films that happen to be of a conservative slant, unlike most of the documentaries and small films out there today.

I plan to attend the Film and TV Production Panel on Sunday October 23. It is part of 'Event 10', which includes the film "Entering Zion" and the Q&A following that film. The panel will be moderated by Michael Medved and include panelists such as Frank Price (former President of Universal Pictures, Chairman Columbia Pictures, Chariman MCA Motion Pictures Group), Joel Surnow (Exec. Producer of "24"), Cyrus Nowrasteh (Writer, "Into the West," Writer/Producer of ABC's new 9/11 miniseries), Warren Bell (Executive Producer, "According to Jim", "Ellen"), Scott Gardenhour (partner in Michael Bay's production company), Doug Urbanski (film producer and Hollywood manager).

I'll report back on this event next week.

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Rogers said...

good for him. He worked hard and got his break. My main beef with Libertas is that the main organizer is relentlessly self-promoting and spends more time blaming Hollywood for his lack of success than actually trying to make movies -- but a lot of the other people signing on to this are fine humans I respect the hell out of. Warren Bell and I worked together on a couple gigs, actually, very cool guy. I think they're misguided in believing that Hollywood is creatively bankrupt because of some political bent rather than just being, well, very creatively bankrupt, but whatever gets your ass out and networking. Have fun and feel free to drop my name with Warren.